Wednesday, 13 August 2014

27 - Making Some Nuts

 A quick one today. I got a piece of 21mm AF stainless steel hex bar and made a couple of new nuts. One for the centre of the clutch and one for the front wheel spindle. One of the old ones had been tightened up with a hammer and chisel by the looks of it.

 I've got plenty of bar left so might make a few more if anyone needs one.

Monday, 11 August 2014

26 - Fixing dents

The exhaust pipe was one of those things I didn't know what to do with. I can get a brand new one from Spain but sometimes I like to keep as many original parts on the bike as I can. I've never been one for concours restorations as I always feel that a bike has a history and a bit of sentimental attachment to its owner, and this history should be displayed rather than stripped away with new parts.

 Our pipe always had a couple of huge dents in it. I don't know who done it, but it was there from the beginning and was like an old battle scar. I felt like the pipe was worth rechroming but I would have to do something to improve the look of it. 

 I took it into work and had one of the welders tack some screws into the dents, then with a bit of heat I pulled on the dent with a slide hammer. They pulled out not to bad, but need a bit more work. I'll try to fill what doesn't come out with brazing rod then smooth this down. 

 It might all be to no avail as the chrome plater could turn round and tell me he wont do it. But it if comes to that I might just have to buy that reproduction one.