Saturday, 21 June 2014

23 - Frame

 Besides wallpapering a bedroom I've got the new tubing cut and the ends machined with a 20mm cutter so they blend with the frame. It fits well. 

I've also been making a new side stand and bracket. It's made exactly like the Bultaco one. I could have engineered it to be better but since the original lasted 40 years I'm sure this one will last just as long.

Monday, 9 June 2014

22 - Frame

 The last couple of weeks has been quiet. My chrome plating has came back after being "lost in the post" for a couple of weeks. It looks very good.

 I decided today to cut out the cracked frame tube. I have bought some new tubing so if I do all the fitting John will weld it in place.

Also I set and welded the shock absorber mounting bolt in the swing arm. So both sides are now at equal heights. One more job sorted and out of the way.