Monday, 14 July 2014

25 - Building Up Crankcases

 All the bits of the engine have been sitting around in a box since being cleaned so I spent a couple of hours today putting the crankcases together. Here's a step by step photo gallery of the gearbox rebuild. Sorry for the quality , they're only taken with my phone. Everything was in good enough condition.  The main shaft was repaired by Travan Engineering over 20 years ago. I think the guy might be dead now. It was hard chromed plated and ground then oil-lite bushes fitted in the sleeve gear. A good repair that has lasted well.

kickstart mechanism

output sleeve gear

hard chrome repair on mainshaft

selector drum installed

mainshaft gear train

layshaft gear train

first selector fork

second selector fork

third selector fork

note top side of layshaft gear
note top side of gear has raised edge

gear added to mainshaft

detent plunger installed

kickstart gear installed

note thrust washer on kickstart gear

new gasket

crankshaft installed

Thursday, 10 July 2014

24 - Wheel Building

 I built up the back wheel today, it was lying around for ages. I was going to make a new liner for the hub, but what I've decided to do instead is to re-line the brake shoes with a thicker material then skim it down to suit the hub. Before I could do that I had to put the hub on the lathe and remove a little lip which had formed on the edge of the old brake liner and would have stopped the new shoes from going in. 

 I got the run out down to approx 10 thou or 0.25mm so that's not too bad. The needle on the dti flicks a bit but then it's an old rim with lots of dings around the sides. An offset of 36mm from the edge of the hub puts the rim in the centre of the frame.